Visa and Travel Support

Our admissions consultants maintain strong relationships with our boarding schools’ visa compliance officers. They are kept up to date with the latest visa regulations and understand exactly what documents are required to help support students in the application process for a visa to travel to and study at our private schools in the U.S. and UK.

  • UK Student Visa

    Students applying for a visa to study in the UK will first need to complete a Certificate of Acceptance to Study (CAS) which is a document – not an actual certificate – that contains information about the student’s desired course of study and their personal details. A key step in the visa process is the interview at the embassy. Once approved, the student will receive a Biometric Residence Permit which they can collect when they arrive at EF Academy. Our admissions consultants gather the information needed for the CAS and are also always available to answer any questions the student or their parents have at any stage.

  • US Student Visa

    To receive a student visa for the U.S. – known as an I-20 – you must schedule an interview at the nearest U.S. embassy and bring your passport, I-20 form and school transcripts. Be sure to check the instructions for your country. The EF Academy team supports families throughout the process by explaining what information they need to submit, guiding them through the interview questions and answering any questions they have along the way.

  • Flights

    Our EF flight team books over half a million flights a year. We guarantee competitive prices, reliable service and convenient connections with the world’s most respected airlines. Once your visa has been arranged, your local admissions team will help you book your flight to EF Academy.

  • Pre-Departure Information

    Shortly before the school year begins, your local EF Academy admissions team will host a pre-departure meeting for you and your parents. Here you will meet other students from your country who will attend our private high school and you will learn more about the school, such as rules, curfew and facilities, and the surrounding community. You will also be given a comprehensive information packet about your destination.

  • Arrivals

    Students who book an airport transfer will be met at the airport in the US or UK by a driver who will bring them directly to the campus location.